author: niplav, created: 2022-07-20, modified: 2022-07-21, language: english, status: notes, importance: 3, confidence: remote

What I might do if I magically got hold of a very large amount of money, and couldn't spend it maximally altruistically.

If I Were An Eccentric Trillionaire

I sometimes like to engage in idle speculation. One of those speculations is: “If someone came up to me and told me that they would give me a lot of money, but only under the condition that I would spend most of it on unconventional and interesting projects, and I was forbidden to give it to Effective Altruist organizations narrowly defined, what would I do? Not forbidding the projects from having positive consequences accidentally, of course.”

The following is a result of this speculation in particular. Many of the ideas might be of questionable ethicality; I hope it's clear I would think a bit more about them if I were to actually put them into practice (which I won't, since I don't have that type of money, nor am I likely to get hold of it anytime soon).

Lots of these ideas aren't mine, and I have tried to attribute them wherever I could find the source.